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I ordered a Tascam DP-32 from Musicians friend on April of 2014. The representative told me that if I purchases the warranty for 89.99, all problems would be covered including shipping and that the unit would be replaced.

Inside 2 months the unit showed problems with a popping sound when rewound and then played. Musicians Friend, when called, refused to cover the warranty as described by the representative. When I told them what was described, they said "it only covers repairs". And, " the written agreement states that it only covers repairs".

When I told them that I had never been shown or heard of the "written agreement", they told me that I should have looked it up online. When I stated that I was not informed of this option or agreement when making the purchase and there for it is "not a valid contract" due to the lack of appropriate information supplied by them, the manager said "you should have looked it up". No matter what logic was presented, Musicians Friend found a way to make it my fault despite all facts. I was a customer since 1981.

I am a long term college degreed musician, music educator, repairman and performing and recording artist. They have become vial at best.

Monetary Loss: $688.

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My name is Emily and I am a member of management with Musician's Friend. I sincerely apologize that you were not provided with accurate information when you purchased your upgraded service plan.

We offer two different plans, depending on the value of the item you purchased. Anything valued at $200 or less qualifies for a replacement plan. If at any point within the service plan period the product is not performing as it did the day that you received it, you can file a claim, receive a prepaid label to send the product in, and if it is determined that the underlying issue is in fact covered under the plan, a gift certificate will be sent for the amount you paid at the time of purchase, including sales tax if applicable. By sending a gift certificate, you have the option of replacing your product, upgrading to a newer model or even purchasing a different product altogether.

If you purchase a repair plan, like the plan you purchased, we will pay for shipping to an authorized repair facility anytime a repair is needed, while the coverage is still active. If the product fails for the same reason three times, it will be replaced on the fourth attempt.

Again, I am so sorry that you were told about the incorrect plan. I am also so sorry to hear about the service you received when you called to utilize your plan.

I am not sure who you spoke with, but I can tell you, that I can help and would be happy to do so. I have a couple options to offer you, to see that you are fully taken care of. You are welcome to choose the option that best suits your needs. You can reach me at emily.nicoletti@musiciansfriend.com.

You can also view all of the details regarding our service plans by following the link below. I look forward to hearing from you.


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